“Adhesive” is probably a word you’re familiar with from crafts, carpentry, and office supplies. In auto glass repair and replacement, adhesive serves much the same purpose that it does in those pursuits. Where windshields are concerned, adhesive bonds the glass to the metal frame of the vehicle. Adhesive used on windshields is made from polyurethane, and it is made to be both strong and flexible.

Auto glass adhesive is measured in terms of lap shear and tensile. Typically, lap shear measures 500 PSI and tensile 1000 PSI. Ideal Auto Glass uses the best quality Sika and Dow urethane automotive adhesives, which excel at sealing and bonding.



AGRSS is the acronym for Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards. These are safety standards that are widely accepted by the industry. Ideal Auto Glass technicians are all well-versed in and adhere to these strict set of standards.