At Ideal Auto Glass, we want our customers to be as informed as they want to be. The more you know about your vehicle and its components, the better equipped you will be to make informed decisions about its repair and maintenance.

As a result, we will periodically explore common terms in the auto glass industry so that you will have no doubts as to what your certified Ideal Auto Glass technician is talking about — even though he or she has no qualms about explaining anything in detail. In fact, you probably won’t be able to get your glass repair and replacement technician to shut up about auto glass! We do love our jobs.

Ok, on to the terms.


You’re most likely familiar with the small, flexible stick on the tops of many cars. That’s an antenna, and it converts electrical power into radio waves, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes. Some cars don’t have stick antennas, though. For those vehicles, there is most likely a thin, metallic line around the perimeter of the windshield and/or the back window. Where it is exactly varies by the vehicle’s design, but these act just like exterior antennas.

Diversity Antenna

While most vehicles have either an exterior antenna or an in-glass antenna (see Antenna), some have both. This is referred to as Diversity Antenna. Having both types of antenna in your vehicle improves quality and reliability of FM signal.