Even simple terminology can mean the difference between feeling at home or feeling nervous in a strange situation. That’s why we’re continuing on with our auto glass glossary, so in the event that your vehicle needs its windshield repaired or replace, you’ll feel right at home. Our staff is also more than happy to explain any unfamiliar terms throughout the process and detail our processes.

Heated wiper park or heated windshield: Some windshields have heated lines across the base of the glass, where the wipers are. Heated windshield wipers assist with winter driving. To determine if your vehicle has heated wiper parks, look for brown or gray lines across the bottom six inches or so of the windshield. Or, check the owner’s manual.

Laminated glass: Modern auto windshields are made with two panes of glass with a piece of laminate in between. The laminate stops the glass from shattering in the event of a collision. Laminated glass also helps to provide stability to the frame and roof of the vehicle, keeping passengers safe during a collision.

Light sensor: Some cars come equipped with a small sensor, often placed in the windshield, that senses the outside light conditions and turns on the headlights automatically.