Next time your car windshield requires repair or replacement, knowing a few key terms can help to make your trip to the auto glass mechanic more comfortable. Continuing with our auto glass glossary series, the next two terms are high modulus adhesives and ISO certification.

High modulus adhesives: Modulus refers to a requirement that the adhesive be of a certain rigidity, that is, that it will return to its original shape after a certain amount of pressure and stress. High modulus adhesives have a high resistance to stress, lending stability to the overall vehicle. A urethane adhesive manufacturer must specify whether an adhesive is high modulus or not. The adhesive cannot be on the high end or modulus enough, it is either high modulus or not. If it is high modulus, the manufacturer will have supporting data and lab test results to back it up.

ISO certification: ISO stands for International Standards Organization. ISO is a worldwide national standards federation that creates technical specifications and guidelines. ISO is not associated with any government agencies and certification is completely voluntary.