At Ideal Auto Glass in Orlando, nothing says Happy Thanksgiving to us more than nonconductive adhesives…well…that may not be totally accurate. We are thankful this year for our friends and families, our growing business, and, of course, our valued customers. It’s because of you that we can excel in the field that we love and make auto glass repair and replacement easier, faster, and safer for you.

Continuing with our auto glass glossary series, here are three more terms to help you effortlessly communicate with auto glass repair technicians. Pro tip: these terms also come in handy at holiday cocktail parties.

Nonconductive adhesives: Typical auto glass adhesives contain carbon, making them conductive. In some luxury car models, the carbon in the adhesive may interfere with sensitive electronic signals. So, special nonconductive adhesives are used to avoid any interference.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): OEM glass is created by the same manufacturer that made the original, pre-cracked glass that came with your vehicle. Idea Auto Glass uses only OEM and OEM-equivalent replacement glass.

Pinch weld: The pinch weld is the part of the vehicle frame in which the adhesive is applied and the windshield glass placed. Thorough auto glass replacement specialists, such as the technicians at Ideal Auto Glass, are careful to apply primer to the pinch weld during auto glass replacement to ensure it does not rust afterwards.