Window tinting can really help to keep your vehicle cool, especially in the Florida sunshine. If this is your first time looking into window tint, the option between custom cart tint and computer cut tint may not be clear.

Computer cut or pre-cut window tint comes from a factory already cut for a certain make and model of vehicle. Pre-cut tint is easy to install and cheaper than custom tint. The downside is, the computer cut tint may not exactly fit the vehicle’s window. There is no room for error, no extra material to work with if the installer makes a small error. Pre-cut window tint also doesn’t take into account the differences in gaskets, the rubber seal around the window, and it can leave unsightly gaps and in the tint.

Computer cut window tint can also end up looking bad if the side window in your vehicle recesses into the frame. When the window is up, the tint looks great. When it is rolled down, there is a centimeters-large gap between the edge of the window and where the tint begins. This is because pre-cut tints don’t take into account the part of the window that is rolled up into the window frame.

Custom cut window tint is cut and installed by professionals. No generic templates or computers are used. The tinting is cut specifically for your make and model, taking into account all window trim, gaskets, and whether or not the window recesses into the frame. Custom car window tint is pricier than the computer cut variety, but many would say that it’s worth it.

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