You were driving down the road when a rock hit your windshield. You’re thinking okay great what, so do I do now? Fixing my windshield is going to be a hassle and expensive. You may be unsure where to start and have a ton of questions. Ideal Auto Glass is here to help! We will answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to auto glass repair and replacements. Stick around and get a few of your questions answered before you call us.


What do I do now?

The first thing to do is give us a call at (800) 538-4719 and chat with a customer service representative. They will be able to open up a claim or give you an estimate and establish whether you need a repair or a replacement. If you choose to schedule service, we are then able to order any necessary parts, find a convenient time and place for your appointment. In most cases, service can be done as soon as the very next day!


How much does windshield replacement and repair cost?

At Ideal Auto Glass, we are a cost-friendly, auto glass replacement and repair option for the Central Florida area. Service varies on a case to case basis. In the state of Florida, if you have comprehensive insurance your windshield can be replaced at no cost to you. We work directly with insurance companies for billing purposes and are a preferred provider with every insurance company. Choosing a company that is a preferred provider will ensure that your insurance company is not overcharged for services rendered and that the warranty you receive is backed by the insurance company.


How long does it take?

Most auto glass repairs and replacements can be completed in less than an hour. With our other services, times may vary. We guarantee a 30-minute safe drive-away time as well.


Is there any type of warranty?

Ideal Auto Glass offers a lifetime warranty on defective materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover breakage or damage from vandalism, theft, “Acts of God,” owner negligence or self-inflicted damage. For more information about our warranty click here.


Can you save the stickers on my windshield?

Yes! We have had success in the past transferring SunPass stickers from windshields. As long as it is legal to do so, our technicians will make an effort to save the stickers.


Why choose Ideal Auto Glass?

Ideal Auto Glass is a locally owned and operated business within Central Florida. Our number one priority is customer safety and satisfaction. When you choose Ideal Auto Glass, you’re choosing quality, convenient scheduling, mobile service, factory trained technicians, high-quality materials including OEM and OEM equivalent glass and a lifetime warranty on service.


The windshield is one of the biggest safety features a vehicle has to offer. Make sure when picking an auto repair and replacement company, you pick someone who has your safety in mind. Give us a call today to schedule service for your vehicle. Our staff would be happy to assist you through the process!