Clean glass on your car, truck, or RV not only looks nice, it can actually help you to drive better. Clean glass improves visibility, after, all, and reduces distractions while you’re driving. Not all glass cleaners are created equally, however.

Household glass cleaners nearly all contain ammonia, which has some significant disadvantages when it comes to cars.

  • Ammonia dries out leather, rubber, plastic, and vinyl
  • Ammonia will damage tinted windows
  • Ammonia releases fumes that may be dangerous when inhaled, such as if you are cleaning the inside of your vehicle’s glass

Some vehicle owners choose to use only water to clean their windows. While completely safe and gentle, water is not always sufficient to clean auto glass. Water can be enhanced as a cleaning agent by pairing it with a lint-free microfiber towel, which provides gentle scrubbing for tough-to-remove spots, like love bug remains, while also providing a streak-free finish. Microfiber towels can also be used to good effect with ammonia-free glass cleaners. When choosing a cleaner for your auto glass, make sure that ammonia isn’t in the ingredient list.

Some of our favorite glass cleaners that are great for autos are:

  • Stoner Invisible Glass
  • Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity
  • Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner