Hydrophobic auto glass coating is a water repellent applied to a car, truck, or SUV’s glass. The coating forces water to collect into large droplets, which wash away quickly and keep the glass clean without the use of wipers. If applied correctly, a single application of hydrophobic auto glass can last the lifetime of the vehicle.

There are several major benefits of hydrophobic glass coating. First, it keeps your windshield clean with very minimal maintenance. Hydrophobic auto glass coating removes up to 99% of the dirt that the glass comes in contact with while also preventing streaking.

Also, and most importantly, it improves windshield and window visibility, especially in direct sunlight when a dirty windshield can make it difficult to see. Increased visibility while driving means increased safety. Hydrophobic window coating also helps during inclement weather by keeping the windshield clear during even hard, driving rains, improving safety.

While it’s possible to apply hydrophobic auto glass coating to your vehicle yourself, going professional really is the better option. There is a specific procedure to applying the coating and, if not done correctly, it will not have the same beneficial effects. Professionals will ensure that the glass is completely pristine before applying the coating well and evenly. A poor application of hydrophobic auto glass coating could ruin the glass and make it unsafe to drive the vehicle.

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