The windshield is an integral safety component of your car. As such, the auto industry invests time and resources to research windshield construction, strength, and breakage. This research suggests that the longer you leave a chip in the windshield, the more likely it is to get worse. A chip can turn into a crack at any moment, even while driving. If a crack develops while driving and it obstructs your vision, it could be a major safety hazard.

Windshields are made of glass, but they’re a lot stronger than the glass that makes up the windows in your home. In the event of a collision or roll-over, the windshield works to keep you and your family inside the vehicle and helps to support the roof. Up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength comes from the windshield.

If you’re driving during extreme temperatures, heat or cold, it increases the risk that a chip will expand into a crack. Heat causes chips to crack vertically. Heat outside the car and air conditioned cool inside the can cause a chip to crack faster. Cold below 32 degrees Fahrenheit makes it 60% likely that a chip will crack. Cold typically causes cracks that spread horizontally.

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