Where windshields are concerned, increased visibility means increased safety. Keeping your windshield clear of debris and excess dirt is always a good idea. That means frequent washings or, at least, rinsings. It’s also a good idea to keep windshield washer fluid topped up and reasonably new windshield washer blades. This will ensure that if you encounter surprise bugs or bird droppings while driving, you can clear your view without delay.

Cracks and chips in your windshield don’t wash away as easily, but are just as important to fix. Even a tiny chip can spread into a crack that obscures your vision. At Ideal Auto Glass, most chips and small cracks can be repaired quickly and at your convenience. We travel to your home, workplace, or gym, and fix you up while you relax, work, or work out.

Repairing a chipped windshield involves injecting a polymer blend into the crack that smooths it while leaving the structural integrity of the windshield in tact. If the crack spreads to the point that the windshield must be replaced, Ideal Auto Glass can help with that, too. Give us a call today for more information or get a quote now.