Many auto break-ins are preventable. They typically occur because there’s something inside the car that looks like it’s worth stealing. What you’re left with is a broken window and possibly other car damage, and stolen possessions. Here are some tips to avoid becoming the target of an auto break-in.

  • Always lock all of your vehicle’s doors, even if you’ll only be away for couple of minutes.
  • Don’t leave any bags visible. Thieves don’t know that it’s only a bag full of stinky gym clothes. To them, it may look like there’s a laptop or other valuable item inside.
  • Move items to the trunk before you reach your final destination. Stashing a bunch of high-value items in the trunk and then walking away can be just as big a tip-off as leaving it in plain sight.
  • Park in busy, well-lit areas. Thieves are more likely to be attracted to cars parked in alleyways or on faraway side streets, for obvious reasons.
  • Hide all evidence of electronics. A GPS mount on the dashboard, auxiliary cable hanging out of the stereo, these are clues that there may be a valuable electronic hidden in the glove compartment — a risk some thieves will be willing to take.

If you do experience an auto break-in and need your auto glass repaired, know that the friendly, competent technicians at Ideal Auto Glass are always here for you. Drop by our convenient Orlando location or call to schedule a appointment for us to come to you.