At Ideal Auto Glass, we love windshields almost as much as we love our customers. That’s why we’re fascinated with all aspects of the auto glass process, from creation to replacement.

Autos have had windshields since 1904, but they aren’t the same sturdy windshields that are on your car or truck today. The windshields of the early 20th century would shatter upon impact, sometimes causing more injuries than the collision itself. Glass lamination solved the shatter problem and today windshields crack, but don’t break apart, in the event of an accident.

Much of the windshield creation process is completed by automated machines so that each windshield is perfectly cut, sanded, bent, and sealed. The recipe for the perfect shatter-proof windshield is two pieces of glass with vinyl in between. The vinyl is the lamination that holds any glass shards together should the glass break.

To make the vinyl transparent, the windshield goes through several procedures to get all of the air pockets out. The entire windshield is then visually inspected for quality. Random samples of windshields are also put through crash tests and examined for stress defects by trained professionals.

By the time the windshield gets to you, ether in the form of a new vehicle or as windshield replacement glass, it’s crystal clear and safe.

To see the windshield creation process in action, check out this 5-minute video: